Best Artificial Turf Melting Solutions

The main risk for vinyl turf is it’s vulnerability to reflected light from windows, especially if the windows use Low-E glass.

The extra reflection from Low-E glass can melt or burn through any nearby artificial turf.

Burnt artificial turf can not be repaired; if your articulated turf is melted or burned, it must be replaced.

Before replacing your artificial turf, homeowners must first eliminate the source of the turf-melt by installing Tuff Mesh screens over the affected windows.

Tuff Mesh is a light-blocking window screen, and it is the most effective form of turf-melt prevention.

How Artificial Turf Melting Occurs

Artificial turf can withstand hot weather, but it is vulnerable to concentrated sunlight from Low-E windows, which can reach temperatures above 200 degrees.

Reflected sun light from Low-E windows is equivalent to a sun-powered laser beam, which is being focused directly on your turf for many hours every day.

The “sun laser” reflection from Low-E glass can melt any plastic or vinyl in its path, including practically all types of artificial turf, vinyl siding, and many other outdoor items.

Even cars can be melted as a result of reflected light from nearby Low-E glass windows

Tuff Mesh Prevents Turf Melting

Tuff Mesh reduces the intensity of the reflected sun light by up to 80 percent.

In effect, Tuff Mesh neutralizes problem reflections and prevents further damage to nearby artificial turf.

There exist a variety of solutions to the turf-melting problem, but we find that the Tuff Mesh window screens offer benefits beyond their initial sun-blocking powers.

Tuff Mesh window screens are reusable and removable, allowing for easy window cleaning.

A Tuff Mesh can block sunlight light by up to 80%, depending on the desired effect; this can help turn a “too-bright” room into a “just-right” room.

Tuff Mesh Stops Melting Turf

Tuff Mesh stops melting turf problems, and it’s easy to purchase and install from the screen installation professionals at Total Screen Company

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